Since Rimini and Riccione have been provided with their new and futuristic Palacongressi, the Adriatic Coast has no longer been only Italy’s tourism capital: it is also home to thousands of events, conferences and congresses. In addition, given the important global presence at Rimini’s Fairgrounds, it is not hard to understand the extent to which the Adriatic Coast is geared towards the future thanks to its three first-rate facilities.

Rimini’s Palacongressi is Italy’s largest conference hub and one of the stateliest across Europe. With an overall surface of over 38.000 m², this majestic structure designed by architect VolkwinMarg from the Hamburg-based GMP Practice, is one of the most active reference points concerning culture, music, industry-based exhibitions and general business events. Given Rimini’s impressive cultural buzz and the remarkable flows of tourists the city welcomes year after year, there is no doubt that Palacongressi complements a forward-looking reality already geared towards hospitality.

Riccione’s Palacongressi is a well-established reality within the conference tourism sector. Its futuristic facility, fitted with several outer panels brimming with colors at night and creating highly impressive effects and the schedule filled with events is no less interesting: from important industry-based exhibitions to enthralling shows; from corporate conventions to training courses; from spectacular concerts to conferences, workshops and seminars. Located in the town’s centre, it is one of the few conference facilities around Italy able to guarantee a regular connection to pubs, shops, supermarkets, beaches and discotheques. For a business stay winking to entertainment.


Rimini and Riccione lie in the very heart of the Adriatic Coast in a location well connected to Italy’s other regions and easily reachable by car, train and plane. The A14 motorway connects the whole Coast southward and allows quick connections to Ancona and Pescara, Bologna, Florence and Milan. Not less efficient are the railway connections as Rimini’s Railway Station is one of the most important stations across the Adriatic Coast as well as the flight connections orbiting around Federico Fellini Airport of Rimini (even reachable by charter flights) and near Bologna Airport.

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