Wellness on the Adriatic coast

Not just sea, entertainment and good food: The Adriatic Coast makes a fantastic holiday spot for regenerating holidays rich in wellness. The coast boasts a wide range of wellness proposals: from Riccione to Punta Marina, four high-end thermal centers offer interesting wellness packages including hotel accommodation and specific treatments for your body’s beauty and care based on waters, thermal muds and vapors. Across the several towns along the coast are other hotels with wellness center as well as the so-called “wellness beaches”, cutting-edge swimming facilities where visitors can indulge in one massage after another by the seashore.

Rimini Terme, located in the historic thalassotherapeutic establishment looking out over the beach of Miramare, offers a wide variety of treatments based on thermal waters’ beneficial properties: hydro-massage tubs, shiatsu massages, aromatherapy, marine poultices as well as body and facial beauty treatments.

Riccione’s Spas combine modern thermal techniques with the natural properties held by the precious waters flowing from four different springs, each of them designed for the care of specific illnesses such as allergies, skin diseases and chronic diseases linked to the respiratory system.

Punta Marina’s Spas, lying on the Ravenna’s coast, feature a number of departments: rehabilitation, thermal treatments, pools, outpatient clinic. Thermal waters are rich in magnesium and as a result they are indicated for healing diseases related to the osteoarticular system.

Also in the province of Ravenna are the Cervia’s Spas boasting comfortable, modern and functional spaces able to combine cutting-edge thermal treatments with customized prevention medical programs for menopausal symptoms, cardiovascular diseases and rheumatism.


There are several hotels across the coast offering discounts for the Spas: the wellness packages offered by these accommodation facilities include wellness holidays with discounted treatments at the Spas. These are complemented with hotels featuring internal wellness centers, equipped to satisfy the customers’ request of services related to body care, beauty and relaxation.

Similarly, the beaches of Rimini, Riccione, Cervia and Punta Marina equally provide outfitted facilities for personal care and psychophysical wellbeing. At the Wellness Beaches scattered across the Adriatic Coast, visitors have a chance to choose among tailor-made programs, Jacuzzis and beauty treatments as well as requesting advice from medical practitioners and specialized personnel.

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