Mirabilandia is Italy’s large theme park, a reference point and an international meeting point for the fun of adults and kids across the Adriatic Coast. It lies in Savio, near Cervia and Milano Marittima.


A large amusement park rich in attractions and carousels with activities designed for both children and more adventurous visitors. Over the years, Mirabilandia has been renovated and keeps offering new and original games and carousels.

Mirabilandia proposes theme areas like Bimbopoli, Dinoland, Route 66, Far West Valley and Adventure Land. Throughout the season, the amusement park gets filled with several shows and special events during festivities such as Halloween and Christmas.

Mirabilandia is able to engage and entertain the whole family, a stop-over not to be missed while holidaying on the Adriatic Coast.




OilTower 1 and 2: Mirabilandia’s “twin towers”.  OilTower 1 is an upward 80 km/h launch whereas OilTower 2 is a 60-meter and 65 km/h fall into the void.

Divertical: the world’s highest water coaster, an adrenaline-filled water-based ride inspired by the offshore world.

iSpeed: attraction inspired by F1, a roller coaster speeding up between 0 and 100 km/h in just 2,2 seconds reaching 120 km/h.

Katun: Mirabilandia’s renowned inverted coaster with jumps, a 360-degree loop as well as a 1200-meter 110 km/h ride with upside-down head and feet.

Legends of Dead Town: attraction not recommended to the faint-hearted. A large house of terror inspired by the Far West with a horror story and a tunnel to explore.



Gold Digger: a roller coaster unique in its kind with sudden movements, accelerations and severe braking.

Raratonga: a water-based journey on boats equipped with water cannons to face the wrath of Raratonga.

Reset: a journey to discover an apocalyptic New York. A dark ride to bed faced gun in hand to get the highest score.

Autosplash: a water-based trail riding blazing Cadillacs to end with a 15-meter descent into the water.

Rio Bravo: a rafting ride amidst rapids and waterfalls, an adventure into a wild canyon through a river in full flow.

ElDorado Falls: A 27-meter-high jump into water at 70 km/h creating a 15-meter-high wave.

Master Thai VR: the first two-track roller coaster in Italy using VR sensors for a unique and 360-degree engaging experience.

Rexplorer: roller coaster crossing a prehistory setting with dinosaurs and other thousand-year-old creatures.

Eurowheel: Mirabilandia’s iconic eagle’s eye wheel , Europe’s highest wheel thanks to its 90-meter height.

Mira Express: Mirabilandia’s monorail, ideal for touring the theme park and admiring every attraction from above.



Ottoland: children’s playground fitted with slides, tunnels and nets.

Fantasyland: a place designed for kids who love running, jumping and hiding.

Monosauro: a travel among amid dinosaurs and ancient creatures riding a Jurassic egg.

Santa Fè Express: Bimbopoli’s train, a children’s dedicated area.

Reptilium: carousel part of the Dinoland section suitable for kids set within the pre-history era.


Mirabilandia Season 2019
Opening April 6, 2019 - Closing November 3, 2019 
Mirabilandia opens on the weekends of 6/7 and 13/14 April. From April 18th it opens every day until September 15th. After this date it will open on the weekends of 21/22, 28/29 September and the weekends of October until 4 November.

Prices 2019 
Full price: € 37.90 at the cash desk, € 26.90 online
Reduced price (people under 1.40 meters in height): € 29.90 at the cash desk, € 24.90 online
Families (2 adults + 2 children): € 135.60 at the cash desk, € 99.90 online
Reduced over 60 (at the cash desk only): € 29.90
Children (under 1.00 meters in height up to 3 years old): free
Disabled people: free
Companions for disabled people: € 28.90 (at the cash desk only)


Infoline & Reservations:
Booking Office Mirabilandia Tel 0544 561156
Mirabilandia Theme Park - Statale Adriatica SS 16 - Loc. Mirabilandia 48015 Ravenna


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