Aquafan is the famous water park of Riccione, for several years one of summer’s main hotspots along the Adriatic Coast. Pools, slides and several water games offered to children and grown-ups to have a great time.


Every summer, Aquafan establishes itself as a reference point for those wishing to have fun and spend regenerating days to counter the summer heat. The park features slides and attractions designed for both  kids and adults looking for emotions and thrills, yet also has spaces for visitors who prefer relaxing.

Furthermore, during the summer season Aquafan proposes great events: music evenings with famous foam parties, shows and concerts with locally and internationally famed artists.


Black Hole: a 208-meter-long adrenaline-filled slide in the dark, 19,5 meters above ground level.

Extreme River: slide to be faced with a 2-seat rubber dinghy to nosedive from a 16-meter height.

Strizzacool: double slide with 4-seat rubber dinghy. The blue slide turns and enters a tunnel whereas the white one nosedives into the water.

Speedriul: adrenaline-filled funnel-shaped slide ending with a tunnel next to the arrival.

Twist: descent into 3 interwoven conduits inundated by water jets.

River Run: slide reproducing the effect of riding a 220-meter river in full flow.

High slides: Aquafan’s historic slides, three different 25-meter-high and 200-meter-long snake-shaped slides.

Surfing Hill: a soft 6-lane 110-meter descent to be faced with a rubber dinghy also suitable for children.

Fast-flowing river: slide inspired to the rapids of a 220-meter river.

Slow river: a relaxing, slow and pleasing river within a tropical setting.

Kamikaze: “kamikaze-style” dive to reach up to 70 km/h.



The elephant’s pool: poll well-suited for children with a huge elephant at its centre.

Noah’s Ark: a children’s area with slides inside this Noah’s Ark-theme space.

Antarctic Baby Beach: South Pole-theme area with a huge white bear and 3-meter slides.



Poseidon: relaxation area featuring 3 connecting lakes, waterfalls and hydromassage.

The atomizers way: walkway with vaporized water atomizers  to get refreshed during summer’s hottest days.

Green trails: Aquafan boasts a spacious green area where to unwind amidst nature.


Opening 2019: 
From June 1 to September 15, the park is open all days from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Prices 2019:
Full ticket: € 30
Reduced ticket for 1 meter to 1.4 meter tall visitors: € 21
Over-65 ticket: € 21
Pass for children up to 1 meter tall: free


Info line & Reservations:
Information Tel. 0541/4271 - 0541/603050 - Fax 0541 427101
Via Ascoli Piceno, 6 47838 Riccione


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