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The portal gathers plenty of useful information to plan your holidays in Rimini and the surrounding area: residences, campsites, restaurants, theme parks, itineraries and useful numbers to spend unforgettable holidays here based on the utmost fun and relax. 

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Festival del Mondo Antico...
Antico/Presente Festival del Mondo Antico torna a Dicembre a...

Events Rimini and News Riviera Romagnola
No Events and News available!
From 20/01 to 24/01

Salone Internazionale Gelateria, Pasticceria e Panificazioni Artigianali

From 17/02 to 20/02

BeerAttraction: International Craft Breweries Show

Enada Primavera
Enada Primavera
From 14/03 to 16/03

Mostra Internazionale degli Apparecchi da Intrattenimento e da Gioco

MIR - Music Inside Rimini
MIR - Music Inside Rimini
From 06/05 to 08/05

Music Inside Rimini - Mostra Internazionale delle Tecnologie per lo Spettacolo, l'Installazione e il Broadcast

From 17/01 to 18/01

Private Label Conference and Exhibition

Arte Fiera
Arte Fiera
From 02/02 to 05/02

Fiera Internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea

Nerd Show
Nerd Show
From 11/02 to 12/02

Fiera del fumetto, cosplay e videogiochi

Alma Orienta
Alma Orienta
From 20/02 to 21/02

Giornate dell’orientamento

Holidays in the Riviera Romagnola

The Riviera Romagnola welcomes tourists with the traditional warm hospitality which has always characterized the whole surrounding area.
The coastline is scattered with a remarkably wide array of hotels, residences and campsites which are able to suit even tourists' most demanding requirements.

Rimini gathers 1- and 2-star budget hotels (the so-called "Inns"), comfortable 3-star hotels and elegant 4-star hotels which are able to suit even the most demanding requirements of both tourists and business travellers. The local accommodation facilities boast an excellent price-quality relationship.

Good cooking, courtesy and utmost professionalism are the keys to the success of the Riviera Romagnola.

Hotels for young people or families?

The Riviera Romagnola attracts both young people looking for the utmost fun and exciting emotions and families with children looking for targeted services and facilities and tranquillity, and is able to suit even the most demanding requirements of both categories.

Young people will have the possibility to stay at tailor-made hotels for young people, which give them the possibility to take advantage of special packages featuring accommodation + admission to the disco, flexible timetables and targeted services for those interested in running wild at night.
The local hotels for families with children give guests the possibility to take advantage of children's special offers and discounts, free admission to the beach and the major funfairs of the surrounding area, all-inclusive weekly packages and tailor-made services and facilities, such as comfortable baby rooms and dedicated cooking areas.

Quality, courtesy and professionalism...

The brand new accommodation facilities of the Riviera Romagnola contributed to re-launch the image of the whole surrounding area.
Hotels in Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica, Cesenatico and Misano Adriatico have recenly been totally renovated, and now stand out as elegant accommodation facilities featuring modern spaces and high-quality tourist services.

The traditional courtesy and kindness of local hotel keepers is complemented by first-class services and facilities, what contributes to make most hotels of the Riviera Romagnola high-quality accommodation facilities featuring affordable prices.

Excellent Services and Facilities!

The hotels of the Riviera Romagnola are provided with a remarkably wide array of excellent services and facilities, such as air conditioning, telephone, TV, Pay TV and minibar. These comfortable room services are complemented by a dazzling array of further facilities, such as tailor-made menus, free bikes for hire, swimming pool, solarium, wireless Internet connection and many more.

Most hotels are open all year round, in order to welcome those flocking to the important congresses and trade shows which are organized by Rimini's modern Exhibition Centre.

Business travellers flocking to Rimini will have the possibility to stay at modern 3- and 4-star hotels which are provided with state-of-the-art services and facilities, such as in-room wi-fi for Internet access, laundry service, breakfast served in the bedroom, favourite newspaper and many more.

Choose your holiday in Rimini and surroundings

Display the list of hotels by category (for example Hotels Rimini > 3-star Hotels Rimini) to spend pleasant holidays in Rimini, the Riviera Romagnola or your favourite resort.

If you are looking for the most advantageous accommodation solution, display our last minute offers section, which gathers incredible offers, holiday packages and all-inclusive formulas concerning hotels in Cattolica, Misano, Gabicce, Riccione, Bellaria, Cesenatico, Milano Marittima, the lidos of Ravenna and many more.

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Theme Parks

Discover the wonderful theme parks of Riccione and Rimini and all the attractions of the Adriatic Coast.

Display detailed information about the popular Riviera of the Parks, Mirabilandia, Oltremare, Le Navi, Acquafan, Italia in Miniatura, Fiabilandia and further funfairs of the Riviera Romagnola.

Display the list of the itineraries which develop across Romagna's hinterland to enjoy enchanting landscapes, glorious historical vicissitudes, ancient traditions, delicious food and wine specialities and plenty of further interesting attractions.

Cycling excursions, motorcycle tours and further itineraries across the sea and hills of the Riviera Romagnola!
Spas and Wellbeing
Wellbeing spas, hotels and beaches to enjoy the utmost relaxation all year round.

Innovative treatments offered by the Spas of Rimini, Riccione, Cervia and Punta Marina, advantageous wellbeing packages proposed by the numerous hotels of the Riviera Romagnola and special offers promoted by the elegant beauty centres which are situated on the beach!
Congress Centres
The conference buildings and congress hotels of the Riviera Romagnola.
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